As a professional video production company, Tailor Made Media has worked with numerous non-profit organizations, businesses, and private schools. TMM has produced films for The Fund (Team Semper Fi), Film Aid, UNHCR, and other philanthropic organizations. Our production company has also worked with various businesses like Therakos, a medical research company, to produce training videos and commercials. We have also partnered with The Shipley School, a private school, to produce films centered around their mission and historical milestones.

Even though there are clear differences between businesses, non-profits, and private schools, there are some unifying benefits of video production. Videos are now the primary medium for not only selling products, but also for building communities and conveying your unique vision. Producing films for your non-profit, business, or private school has a variety of benefits. Let’s explore several below.

Professional Video Production Can Sell Your Vision or Brand

The video medium is ideal for selling a vision or capturing a brand. Moving images strategically edited and with the right music or audio clips can be emotionally impactful. When produced the right way by a professional video production company, videos can leave a lasting impression on an audience.

For a non-profit, this might mean people wanting to get involved with your mission, volunteer, or contribute a donation. For a private school, this could mean a prospective student and their family wanting to attend the school. It could also leave a philanthropist compelled to donate funds or resources to the school. For a business, an effective video can lure new customers, sell a product, or clearly illustrate the key components of your unique brand.

Videos Can Sell a Product

In the literal sense, videos can sell products as they display an item that is for purchase. This is clearly helpful for businesses that are trying to build a customer base. A professional video production company like Tailor Made Media can film a product video that displays the item in all its glory, using various camera angles, slo-mo, special effects, and other editing techniques to really make it shine. We can also produce traditional commercials that highlight the usefulness of the product and how it makes everyday life easier.

Although non-profits and private schools may not sell products in the tangible sense, they do sell things related to service and experience. A non-profit’s product is whatever result they are trying to achieve. The product of The Fund (Team Semper Fi) is the tangible experience of veterans engaging in outdoor activities. The smile out on the water as a disabled veteran wakeboards is the product of all the organization’s efforts.


The product of a private school is the positive school experience where a child is both formally and socially educated at a high standard. Even if financial profit is not the bottom line for these types of organizations, there is still a “product” to be sold to viewers and video is the best way to sell it.

Videos Create Shareable Content Forever

If you hire a professional video production company like Tailor Made Media, you can opt to keep all of the footage we shoot. This means you’ll be able to access this footage in any way you’d like for years to come. Even if it’s just pulling a still image from one of the videos to complete a brochure, the content will be yours. You can get a lot of mileage out of the video content from a 3-day shoot.

It will also allow the professional video production company to potentially edit various videos for different purposes over time. For instance, we may shoot eight staff and student interviews, but only use four for the 50th anniversary video, which means we can use the remaining interviews in other promotional video content. Having a long-term plan for how you’d like your content to be used is always helpful for this purpose.

Videos Help Build Community

Once you’ve hired a professional video production company to edit your video(s), you will have this content to post online. This will give you the opportunity to share your content across social media, which is essentially synonymous with the entire world at this point in history. Once posted, audiences can engage in a variety of ways, including sharing your videos which allows for exponential exposure.

Depending on what type of video you’ve produced, you can find the right online platform and share it. Utilizing hashtags can allow your video to be found by audience members searching for specific content. You can also start your own hashtag, perhaps as a user-generated content (UGC) marketing campaign, to inspire viewers to post their own content related to your product or service.

UGC allows viewers and customers to engage online and share their own content related to the campaign you launch. UGC campaigns can help build community, show off a product, and essentially provide free marketing.


Videos Help Raise Awareness for a Cause

An emotionally impactful video that resonates with audiences is sure to be shared and inspired action. Many of the videos Tailor Made Media has produced for non-profits have included some type of call-to-action (CTA). A CTA can be as simple as asking a viewer to like or share the post or as involved as asking people to register to vote, donate money, or participate in a specific activity.

Our documentary, Refugee: The Eritrean Exodus, included a CTA in the closing credits which directed people to our website for more information. Since the film premiered, we’ve been contacted by many people who were inspired to act in some way to support Eritrean refugees. The more a video emotionally resonates with an audience, the more they will be compelled to act.

Develop a Working Relationship with a Professional Video Production Company

We have produced one-time videos for clients and we are happy to do so. However, the ideal situation is to develop a working relationship with a non-profit organization, private school, or business. Both parties benefit from this sustained connection in several ways. First, once we establish a relationship with you, we get to learn more about your company and the service or product it provides. This allows us to further understand your vision and apply it creatively to future film projects.


Secondly, there’s a financial benefit to clients in planning multiple shoots over an extended period of time because, as stated earlier, not all of the footage we shoot is used for each video. There will potentially be enough variety of b-roll footage to not have to shoot more. This saves on production costs for future projects.

Lastly, another benefit of developing a working relationship with a team like Tailor Made Media is that it allows for consistency across all of your content. Although each video will stand alone, the package of videos we produce will have a similar style and branding that remains consistent with your organization’s vision.


As you can see, there are several benefits of video production for your non-profit organization, private school, or business. Although each entity may have a different bottom line, an effective video can help each in numerous ways. Learn more about how using professional video production can help develop brand awareness and attract customers here.

Videos can sell your vision or brand or sell a “product” even if that product is a service or experience. Emotionally impactful videos can help build community and rally people around a cause, especially through social media video marketing. Build a working relationship with a video production company like Tailor Made Media. There are many benefits, including maximizing the use of video footage. They will also become increasingly familiar with your particular vision, brand, or service.