TAILOR MADE MEDIA is a video production company that specializes in creative storytelling for schools, nonprofits, and businesses. While located in West Chester, PA near Philadelphia, Tailor Made Media serves clients internationally.

Tailor Made Media, a video and documentary production company, was founded in 2011 by Joe Acchione and Chris Cotter. Joe has a film degree from Emerson College, while Chris’s camera experience came mostly from traveling. Chris has always been a drummer for various bands and he eventually started his own recording company TribeSound Records, so he was already familiar with running a business. And although Chris and Joe have different personalities, they connected over their shared passion for creativity and video production.

A Video Production Company is Born

When they first started, they weren’t exactly sure what type of video production company they were going to be. Soon, the projects they were hired to create began to shape their vision. The first project Tailor Made Media was hired for was a children’s musical called “It’s Not Mean to be Green.” This production sought to teach kids how to be environmentally friendly and it debuted at the DuPont Theater in Wilmington, DE. It was a fairly large-scale project that showed Chris and Joe what they were capable of producing. They appreciated the environmental aspect of the performance and were eager to find similar projects.

Film Production Projects

They soon hired various team members and began working with local businesses, schools, and nonprofit organizations including the Chester County Community Foundation, America Team for Displaced Eritreans, YMCA, SPCA, and The United Way. Each of these groups had their own production requests, such as video content marketing or commercial video production, but most aligned with the greater vision of serving others. This soon became the mission for Tailor Made Media: to produce projects that make a difference. It’s worth noting that businesses and schools we work with that don’t explicitly contribute to humanitarian or environmental causes are still vicariously helping because we use our profits from every client for those types of passion projects.


Refugee Documentary

In the beginning, perhaps the most notable of these relationships was the connection to The America Team for Displaced Eritreans. Our contact with the founder of that organization, John Stauffer, led us to the concept for our first feature-length documentary film, Refugee: The Eritrean Exodus. After researching the refugee crisis in Eritrea, Chris and Scott Miller traveled to the refugee camps in Ethiopia. They also visited Israel where they interviewed Eritrean refugees, regime supporters, and various professionals working on the ground who have helped Eritrean people seek asylum and safety.

This began a three-year-long project that required collaboration with other professionals to produce the feature film. One thing Tailor Made Media has always tried to do is to find the right people to do the right job on a project and Refugee was no exception. Perhaps it’s Chris’s collaborative sensibility as a band member that allows him to select appropriate talent, understanding that people specialize in different instruments that each play a specific role in a song.

A Successful Kickstarter Campaign

After editing a trailer and successfully completing a Kickstarter campaign (raising over $34,000), the Tailor Made Media team was able to complete the documentary film. This involved traveling to the Nevada desert to shoot reenactments of refugee stories, among other expenses. The film has since been featured in several film festivals, including the Singapore Film Fest. It has also been screened in various movie houses across the globe.

The positive messages we received from many Eritreans and supporters confirmed that our films could make a difference. A Canadian woman even sent us a message about how the film inspired her to adopt two Eritrean siblings. We even got to screen our film at the State Department in Washington DC.

Working with Non-Profit Organizations

Refugee led to other relationships with global nonprofit organizations. We’ve worked with FilmAid, UNHCR, Peace Corps, The Fund (Team Semper Fi), Amnesty International. FilmAid allowed us to return to Africa, this time to Kakuma Refugee Camp in Kenya where we taught film production classes to refugees. This not only gave the refugees a new creative outlet, but it also opened their eyes. They could see potential careers in a medium they could also use to tell their personal stories.

We also teamed up with The Fund (formerly the Semper Fi Fund), which allowed us to travel to different parts of the country. We went to Montana to film military service members engaging in various outdoor activities. Whether fly fishing, wakeboarding, or mountain biking, these activities helped veterans. Veterans are able to bond with their comrades and transcend any mental or physical trauma they’ve endured.


Film Production and Humanitarian Causes

Each of these projects has contributed something positive to society and we are grateful for that. One thing we strive to do at Tailor Made Media is build long-term relationships with our clients. The longer we’ve worked with certain businesses, schools, and organizations, the more familiar we become with their culture and mission. This sustained connection allows us to produce the best content possible to fulfill their video production and marketing needs.

With any profit we make, we want to continue to produce films that educate, inspire, and impact the world. We have met so many people doing so many great things that we find it necessary to tell their stories. Stories that can influence positive change. We look forward to meeting new organizations and connecting with people who align with our mission.

Our Team

Joe Acchione

Joe co-owns and operates Tailor Made Media. He has been writing, shooting, and editing films and videos since he was very young. While earning his film degree from Emerson College in Boston, MA he took part in long-term studies of film, literature and music throughout Europe and Los Angeles. When he is not working, he is writing music, reading, or watching old episodes of the X-Files.

Chris Cotter

Chris Cotter is co-owner of Tailor Made Media. He has been a producer/director in the multimedia industry for more than 20 years. His experience and ambition have led him around the world, working and traveling in the United States, Africa, Europe, Central and South America. Chris is also a renowned music teacher who runs TribeSound Records, where he produces music for many Philadelphia artists, including his own band WaveRadio.

Leigh Green

Leigh Green is a writer whose expertise spans from commercial copy to creative content writing. She joins Tailor Made with a shared passion for distinctive storytelling, branding and multimedia ventures. She has a keen eye for business promotion, enjoys thinking outside the box, and believes less is more. In her spare time, Leigh takes orders from her kids and stays up too late for no good reason.

Scott Miller

Scott has been writing and directing for film and video since 2009. He graduated in 2011 from the University of Pittsburgh with a degree in Film Studies. During his time there he worked on numerous student films that have been featured at various film festivals. He has since been working in Philadelphia on local projects as camera operator and editor while continuously finding time to fine tune his skill on the etch-a-sketch.

Josh Coyne

Joshua is a nationally aired commercial and music video director who also specializes in high end visual effects, detail oriented editing, and color correction. He earned his BA in cinematography, and soon thereafter learned he also excelled in Directing. His broad work experiences are apparent in every aspect of production. From inception to completion, storyboards to awards, his years of experience always assure your project is top notch.

Erin Wiegman

Erin graduated with a B.S. in Interactive Digital Media from Drexel University in 2019. Since then, she’s worked on projects in the technology and design industry for clients such as Nike, MIT, and Milton Hershey School. Art, storytelling, and movement bring her joy.

Evan Schullery

Evan graduated with a B.S. in Cinema and Photography from Ithaca College in 2003. With a concentration in Screenwriting, his writing experience has been mostly fictional up until this project. He interned for the Emmy-winning television show Malcolm in the Middle, assisting writers and helping organize the show’s “bible,” as well as at Martin-Chase Productions, where he wrote script coverage. He has written several screenplays that have performed well in contests and has most recently applied his writing skills to music, under the artist name “Skinny Cool Kid.”

Chris Logan

Chris is a Philadelphia based award-winning director and director of photography with a passion for the creative process and the execution of bringing ideas to life. His mantra has always been “the image is the emotion” and he loves to breathe life into stories through light, lens, and motion, and is inspired by the people and subjects he films. Specializing in documentary and lifestyle content, Chris has directed content for companies like GE, New Balance, Outside Magazine, and Asana Rebel and has been behind the lens for many more.


The final product turned out great. I highly recommend working with Tailor Made Media and I look forward to a partnership with them in the future.

Maggie MacIntosh, President, Maggie McIntosh Event Design

“I am still blown away by the quality of work your team produced. By far, this was the best value we have received in a long time.”

Patrick Comerford, President, West Chester Downtown Foundation

“Tailor Made Media created a video that make the people of West Chester excited and very proud! The final project is magical – it combines professional, personal and public realms in a way that is inspiring and full of fun!”

Harry Griendling, CEO, Doublestar, Inc.

“Tailor Made Media consistently brings solid ideas to the table and creates results that are effective and marketable. All of this is accomplished without straying from a tight timeline or budget.”

Carolyn Comitta, Mayor of West Chester, PA

“Tailor Made Media was professional, honest, easy to work with and attentive to details. The proof for us has been in the result. We look forward to working with them in the future.”

Jamie Kleman, Executive Director, A Bigger Boat Foundation

“We received nothing but positive comments about the slide/video presentation! The finished project worked beautifully.”

Len Doyle, President, Taylor's Music Store

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