Business and Commercial Services

Training Videos

Videos are a powerful tool for instruction. Whether you are looking to train new employees or new users of a product or service, we can create a custom video to help you inform your audience. (We can even use my Uncle Ted if you need him, because he apparently knows everything.)

Digital Video Marketing

We create high quality digital media content for businesses of all kinds. Our team will work with you to create a sustainable plan and provide ongoing custom video content for your social media and other digital video platforms. (Quick tip: add subtitles to your Facebook videos. Most people don’t turn on the audio.)

Event Videos

Sometimes events are too important not to capture. A special event video can also be a great way to provide extra marketing content for your business, or as a way of sharing the experience with others who didn’t attend. (If cake will be provided, um, can we have some?)


We offer services for filming a range of subjects for documentation including corporate meetings or discussions, legal depositions, land and building surveys, insurance inventory, Guinness Book of World Record attempts, and anything else you might need.

Internal Communications

A video can be an efficient and engaging way of reaching out to your employees and associates. Whether you want to announce the launch of a new campaign or just want to thank the team for their hard work, use a video! We can make it as dry or as fun as you want.  

Commercial Advertisement

Ads can show up in lots of places nowadays – you’re reach as a marketer is larger than ever. The hard part is producing something that gets someone’s attention and engages them. That’s what we are good at! (Especially Scott, he loves getting attention.)

Our Process


This is the most important step of the production process.  It’s where we brainstorm, write the script, storyboard, schedule, and plan the rest of the production.  


The production stage covers all of the shooting. Since we worked hard to make a shooting plan in preproduction, we should be well prepared for capturing the footage we need.


This is the stage where all of the ideas come together to tell the story we planned to tell.  Plus, we dress things up with music, titling, coloring and motion graphics.

Building A Video Library

We make the most out of every opportunity for obtaining footage. Building a library of video content over time helps us create more dynamic videos for your organization while keeping your costs down.

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