6 Benefits of Professional Videos For Your Non-Profit, Business, or Private School

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As a professional video production company, Tailor Made Media has worked with numerous non-profit organizations, businesses, and private schools. TMM has produced films for The Fund (Team Semper Fi), Film Aid, UNHCR, and other philanthropic organizations. Our production company has also worked with various businesses like Therakos, a medical research company, to produce training videos

Video Production Budgeting: Line by Line, From Foundation to Landscaping

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One of the primary considerations for any project is video production budgeting. Whether you are a business, organization, or individual, the budget must be carefully planned, adjusted, and understood by all parties involved in order to plan a realistic filming goal. There’s an old joke in Hollywood where someone asks, “What’s the budget?” The punchline

A Video and Documentary Production Company: The Tailor Made Media Story

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Tailor Made Media, a video and documentary production company, was founded in 2011 by Joe Acchione and Chris Cotter. Joe has a film degree from Emerson College, while Chris's camera experience came mostly from traveling. Chris has always been a drummer for various bands and he eventually started his own recording company TribeSound Records, so

The Video Production Process – Pre Production to Post

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The video production process has many components. Depending on the scale of the production, each phase could be quite involved or relatively minimal. You need only read the list of names at the end of a blockbuster movie to see how many people can work behind the scenes to make a big movie happen. Smaller

What is User-Generated Content? The Ultimate Guide to UGC

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What is UGC? User-generated content (UGC) is audio or visual content created by regular people, customers, clients, or students that can be compiled and used for the purposes of marketing, video production, theatrical performances, podcasts, and much more. When it comes to advertising, think of it as customer-generated marketing. In the age of social media,

Your Pre-Production Checklist and Why It’s Important

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Your Pre-Production Checklist and Why It’s Important “Be prepared.” It’s more than just a Boy Scout motto. It’s also a helpful reminder to have multiple items outlined in detail well in advance of any video production shoot. One of the primary ways to plan ahead is to complete a pre-production checklist. This checklist serves as

How to Use Sound to Depict Theme in Your Documentary Film

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In my previous blog, I stressed the importance of making deliberate filmmaking decisions to capture specific themes. Although I focused more on visual elements, I would now like to turn up the volume on the importance of sound. How you utilize sound is another critical choice that can allow your theme to shine through. Films

Free Solo: A Case Study of Inherent Structure in a Documentary

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(Alert: Spoilers) In my previous blog post, I highlighted the importance of finding the inherent structure in your documentary subject. I stated that the foundation of that structure is usually tied to an external goal of the main character in order to achieve the basic framework of a beginning, middle, and end. This concept is

Find Your Documentary’s Inherent Structure

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Normal life has its dramatic moments, but most of the time our lives are pretty boring. The occasional exciting event is only amazing to us because it’s happening to, well, us. We each have the benefit of years of personal context leading up to that moment, but an outside observer’s emotional response would likely be

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