Video Production Budgeting: Line by Line, From Foundation to Landscaping

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One of the primary considerations for any project is video production budgeting. Whether you are a business, organization, or individual, the budget must be carefully planned, adjusted, and understood by all parties involved in order to plan a realistic filming goal. There’s an old joke in Hollywood where someone asks, “What’s the budget?” The punchline

How to Optimize your Videos for Social Media

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Optimizing your videos for social media requires utilizing various strategies to ensure your content aligns with a platform’s specifications, attains a high view count, and successfully engages an audience. Posting videos blindly without these considerations will undoubtedly lead to disappointing analytics that may leave you questioning your entire campaign. However, it’s possible to have a

Ways to Increase Video Engagement: Likes + Comments + Shares + Clicks

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We all want the videos we post on social media to be liked, shared, commented on and, most of all, to go viral. Otherwise, the time spent creating the video may not feel worth all of the effort and investment. Multiple social media platforms now allow for video content to be posted in various forms,

What to Post on Instagram: Video Production Ideas to Spark Inspiration

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Instagram used to only allow for pictures, but that has very much changed in recent years. The site now allows for video production. Instagram has embraced various formats for their users to post videos and the popularity is quite clear. Each of these formats provide different opportunities for content creation and audience engagement. Instagram is

How To Create a Corporate Video Marketing Plan

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If you own or work for a business, you may be considering a fresh way to advertise your product or service to potential customers. Developing a corporate video marketing plan that utilizes a corporate video is a terrific way to achieve this goal. At Tailor Made Media, we have helped produce many corporate videos for

Video Shoot Locations: When to Rent a Studio vs. Shoot On-Location

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Choosing an appropriate location is an often overlooked yet significant aspect of any video production shoot. A video shoot location literally sets the scene for the production and can impact its style, tone, and overall message. Different locations can also allow for or inhibit various technical opportunities. Whether you’re looking to shoot a corporate video

Tips for Creating an Engaging Video Podcast

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Develop a Unique Hook You may think you have a strong idea for creating a video podcast. And you might. However, it’s important to distinguish between a topic that’s of interest to you and one that will be appealing to most listeners. A primary element to consider is the hook of your podcast, which you

What is User-Generated Content? The Ultimate Guide to UGC

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What is UGC? User-generated content (UGC) is audio or visual content created by regular people, customers, clients, or students that can be compiled and used for the purposes of marketing, video production, theatrical performances, podcasts, and much more. When it comes to advertising, think of it as customer-generated marketing. In the age of social media,

Social Media Video Marketing: 9 Tips to Get Started 

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Social Media Video Marketing: 9 Tips to Get Started Whether you hire a film production company like Tailor Made Media or a lone videographer, learning social media video marketing tools will help your business and brand in ways other marketing methods won’t. We live in a time when video marketing is king; long gone are

5 Tips for Incorporating Video into Your Marketing Mix

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My background is strategic marketing with private schools, however, many of these ideas can be applied to any other industry. Overall, video should be a major part of your marketing plan and content strategy. Here are five tips to help you effectively include video in your marketing mix and get the biggest bang for your

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