Your Pre-Production Checklist and Why It’s Important

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Your Pre-Production Checklist and Why It’s Important “Be prepared.” It’s more than just a Boy Scout motto. It’s also a helpful reminder to have multiple items outlined in detail well in advance of any video production shoot. One of the primary ways to plan ahead is to complete a pre-production checklist. This checklist serves as

How to Use Sound to Depict Theme in Your Documentary Film

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In my previous blog, I stressed the importance of making deliberate filmmaking decisions to capture specific themes. Although I focused more on visual elements, I would now like to turn up the volume on the importance of sound. How you utilize sound is another critical choice that can allow your theme to shine through. Films

Free Solo: A Case Study of Inherent Structure in a Documentary

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(Alert: Spoilers) In my previous blog post, I highlighted the importance of finding the inherent structure in your documentary subject. I stated that the foundation of that structure is usually tied to an external goal of the main character in order to achieve the basic framework of a beginning, middle, and end. This concept is

Spoken: A Kakuma Refugee Tells Her Story

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“I thought it was a dream.” This is how Nyamad’s spoken-word poetry piece began. Standing in Kenya’s Kakuma refugee camp, the 22-year-old adorned an incongruent white t-shirt with “Los Angeles” printed in small black lettering on the front. Her eyes were closed for the duration of her poetry as she felt each moment of her

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