Tailor Made Media is currently developing the web series, Drained: Tales of a Modern Water Crisis, in which they highlight domestic and foreign crises related to the most vital resource on earth: our water.

Over 70% of our planet is covered by water, but less than 1% is clean, fresh, and readily available for consumption and safe use. Our web series will aim to inspire sustainable water practices and promote environmentally and socially responsible water policies.

Our Focus:

When you look at the planet from a distance it’s hard to imagine living during a time of a water crisis. Over seventy percent of our beautiful blue planet is covered by water, but less than 1% is clean, fresh, water available to the Earth’s inhabitants.

We have fallen into bad habits, terrible practices, and have lost sight of the importance of clean water. According to the World Health Organization, nearly 700 million people lack access to safe, drinkable water. That’s almost two and a half times the population of the United States! And, in less than fifteen years we could see over 40% of the world’s population affected by the limited accessibility of safe water.

In the United States alone, 40% of our rivers surveyed by the EPA are considered too polluted for swimming or fishing due to industrial agriculture, urban runoff, and the lack of enforcement of important environmental laws. We are finding lead and other hazardous chemicals in the drinking water of our cities because of crumbling infrastructure. Large reservoirs and aquifers are being depleted as big businesses bottle the groundwater of local communities to be sent around the world. Simply put, we are either poisoning our supply or using water faster than it can be replenished.

If Earth wasn’t so blue, would we still treat this precious resource with the same disregard as we do now?

The good news is that all of this can be reversed. There is still time for us to repair our infrastructure, hold industry accountable for their polluting practices, reduce waste by being more intentional, and help provide those in struggling parts of our world with this most basic necessity. But changes have to be made now.

Our web series will explore case studies of water related environmental issues both domestic and abroad. We will focus on the problems, the people that are impacted by them, and examine possible solutions.

We plan on starting our series by examining the following topics:

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