Many around the world view refugees as a herd of scary “others” flooding countries and threatening our safety. Even when they don’t reach our shores, some potential host countries would rather ignore refugees than support them. The world then forgets about these desperate people while they continue to endure unspeakable trauma and loss.

Due to this escalating humanitarian crisis, we have decided to further document conditions on the ground by filming stories of those who have fled their homeland. On August 28th we will be traveling to the Kakuma refugee camp in Kenya. Established in 1992, the Kakuma camp has become the second largest in the world with a staggering population of over 200,000 refugees. These people have escaped war, persecution, and famine. Their stories will undoubtedly depict a broad range of the human experience.

Our primary objective will be to provide an opportunity for the refugees to tell their own stories while also exploring various contributing factors, including how foreign policy decisions affect these fleeing populations.

When filming our documentary, Refugee: The Eritrean Exodus (2015) in Ethiopia, we discovered personal tales of determination, resilience, and love. We hope to find similar themes at the Kakuma camp that can help the world better understand this global refugee crisis and support refugees.


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