If you own or work for a business, you may be considering a fresh way to advertise your product or service to potential customers. Developing a corporate video marketing plan that utilizes a corporate video is a terrific way to achieve this goal. At Tailor Made Media, we have helped produce many corporate videos for companies and no two are alike. Each company video is unique and aligns with that particular business’ vision, short and long-term objectives, and brand. Video marketing for business is a tool that every company should strongly consider using. Here are several tips to keep in mind if you are considering producing a corporate video:

Know the Audience For Your Corporate Video Marketing Plan

It’s important to know your audience prior to diving into a corporate video production. After all, you don’t want to spend a bunch of time and money on a video that no one wants to watch. If you’re an established business that already has a large contingency of customers, then utilize the data on these demographics. If you don’t have any hard data, use your observational skills, employee feedback, and other tools to get a clearer picture of your clients. These are the people you will want your corporate video marketing plan to reach, in addition to any new customers.


More Audience Tips

If your business is a startup and the audience is relatively small, use the information you already have to target those people. Another strategy is to think about the audience you want to have, even if you don’t have them yet. Consider the type of experience you want the audience to have or the knowledge you’ll want them to gain about your product or services. In addition, you’ll want to take practical things into account like attention spans, inclination to read text, and general sensibilities. Personalities may vary greatly across audiences as well, so this is another factor to keep in mind.  Knowing your audience also allows for consistency across the video  production with regard to content, style, and overall message.

Choose the Right Type of Corporate Video Marketing Plan

Commercial Video

We are all aware of the popularity of Super Bowl commercials. Companies are willing to spend millions of dollars to get new customers because a clever and engaging commercial can be very effective. Commercials are usually around thirty-seconds long and have broad audience appeal. The goal of any commercial is to attract new customers by depicting your product or company in a favorable light. A clever or humorous hook for the commercial doesn’t hurt, either.

Testimonial Video

A testimonial video depicts satisfied customers using your product. Customer reviews on sites like Amazon are massively influential to new customers, so powerful testimonials on video can be highly effective at attracting new customers. You may see customers explain how life was before the product, versus after. No matter what the product is, a good testimonial tells the audience how great your product is and how they just can’t live without it.

Explainer Video

An explainer video is designed to teach the audience about your company’s brand, service, or product. They can be upwards of a few minutes in length. A strong explainer video depicts what makes your company unique. These videos also tend to offer solutions to problems, ones that only your company is qualified to achieve.

Social Content

A social content video is designed to be posted to social media platforms.  Therefore, they are typically much shorter in length, fun, and meant to be shared. This means having a strong hook. Perhaps, you want to show your company in a clever or unique way or illustrate an amazing capability of a  product. Social content videos should adhere to certain platform norms, such as using text on screen, hashtags, and other viral-inducing strategies.

Product Video

A product video is useful for displaying the features of a particular product. Using all of the tools of video production can really make a product shine. Whether you utilize coloring, dynamic editing, or slow-motion, a product video allows the audience to fully absorb the magic of the item. Teaming up with a professional video production company like Tailor Made Media is a must for creating an eye-popping product video.


Determine the Appropriate Tone

A corporate video’s tone is an often underrated aspect to a video production. The tone should align with the company brand, its clients, and the goal of the video. For example, a commercial for a local family pizza place is going to have a much different tone than a medical staff training video. The former may be high-energy and fun, while the latter may be more formal, clean, and fact-based.

Establishing the tone prior to the video production will also inform key aspects of shooting and editing, such as transitions, text on screen, shot angles, and the presentation of subjects. The pizza place owner should probably present differently on camera than a lead surgeon instructing residents on a new piece of equipment used for brain surgery. Understanding tone in advance will allow for consistency throughout the video production that audiences can easily grasp.

Keep Your Brand in Mind

Every company should have clear guidelines for their brand and these brand elements must be clearly depicted in any corporate video you create. Whether it’s using a particular color palette, font, style, or catchy phrase, incorporating brand-specific characteristics is what sets your business apart. If you’re using text on screen, be sure to use the same font you display on your website. Selecting certain colors that match your brand are also important to establish tone or highlight a product.


You may want to add a call-to-action at the conclusion of your video, which may mean considering your company’s mission-statement. Try to make it clear, concise, and clever. As with many of these tips, keeping your brand in mind allows for consistency both within a single video production and across multiple shoots.

Keep an Eye on Metrics

Metrics will help clearly define your corporate video marketing plan’s audience and tell you what’s working or not.  Once you have this information, you can maximize the use of your content to extend your reach and hopefully benefit from a snowballing effect. This means that once you know the details for what works, which could include the length of a video, a particular platform, or type of content, you can shoot, edit, and post your videos to serve these advantages. For instance, if you see that your 30-second commercial posted to Facebook with certain audience tags is performing better than a 1-minute testimonial video posted on Facebook, this may give you some direction for future posts. Metrics allow you to make informed decisions about your content, so keep an eye on them and adjust accordingly.


Maximize Use of Content

Once you work with a professional video production company like Tailor Made Media to create your content, there are certain strategies for maximizing the mileage from these videos. One tip is to break up a longer  piece of content into smaller bits. By doing this, you can post more content more often. It also means being able to post content across multiple platforms that may have varying specification requirements. You can even capture stills from video content to post on Instagram. Stretching out your ability to post content means regularly engaging with your audience and frequently reminding them of your product or services. You could post a five-minute video once a month or you can post five 1-minute videos over the course of five weeks. The latter tactic may be more effective at keeping your audience engaged and informed over time.

Benefits of a Corporate Video Marketing Plan

There are numerous benefits to creating a corporate video marketing plan for your business. The obvious pros include: depicting your company or product in a favorable light, attracting new customers, highlighting a new product, informing or educating your audience, and launching a call-to-action campaign. Each of these benefits has the capacity to grow your business and expand your client-list. For these reasons, a corporate video should be viewed as a strategic investment.


In addition to the benefits listed above, a company video can also save time and money on the back-end. A training video can be viewed by hundreds of your employees on different days and at different times. This can potentially keep you from having to schedule supervisors to have these conferences and trainings in-person. As much of the business-world continues to work remotely, the need for corporate video content becomes even more vital.


Regardless of the type of business you’re affiliated with, utilizing a corporate video marketing plan can be extremely beneficial. Decide on the type of company video you want and consider your audience. Settle on a consistent tone and entertain using various elements like text on screen or graphics. Once you have your final product, consider using pieces on various social media platforms to extend your reach. While doing this, keep an eye on the audience engagement metrics. Use this data to tap into what’s working and maximize this strategy. You can always reuse content in various ways and re-post. It’s important to keep the video content coming to keep your audience engaged and informed. If you’re able to keep all of these tips in mind, then you’re in business.