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Tailor Made Media and Fig West Chester present an inside look into the tastes of Downtown West Chester, PA. With more than 65 eateries, Downtown West Chester is an incredible destination for food!

The world refugee crisis is getting worse, and the financial and political support for refugees is dropping. There is much discussion about the crisis, but refugees themselves are not often able to participate in the conversation. In August, Tailor Made Films traveled to the Kakuma refugee camp in Kenya, to hear directly from refugees themselves. With a staggering population of over 180,000, Kakuma is the second largest refugee camp in the world.

In 1894, three sisters founded a college preparatory school dedicated to educational excellence for young women. From the beginning, their vision was clear. They would go beyond training students’ minds, developing their character as well.

They thoughtfully chose the phrase, Courage for the Deed; Grace for the Doing, a motto that would inspire students to take risks to think deeply of others, and to make a positive impact in the world around them.

Many things may have changed at The Shipley School throughout the last 125 years, but educational excellence, integrity, community, and caring for others have remained at the heart of what it means to be a Shipley student. Today and every day, we celebrate the power and the potential of a Shipley education to make a difference.

We celebrate the students, the teachers, and the alumni who have put their Shipley ideals to work to do exceptional things for the greater good.

We celebrate the Shipley sisters, who laid the roots of an institution that would cultivate 125 years of changemakers.

Together, we celebrate the next 125 years.

The West Chester Christmas Parade provides a seasonal mix of traditional elements with a modern twist—local schools, businesses, volunteer fire companies, and other service organizations will join the many marching bands, floats, and antique vehicles that have cemented themselves as mainstays in the QVC West Chester Christmas Parade experience.

Anna, Shipley’s all-time leading scorer on the basketball court, feared both leaving her comfort zone to try to fit in at a new school and taking the train from Downingtown to Shipley. After being welcomed with open arms, Anna thrived and became a leader on and off the court.

In this video we hear from Ryan, Adam, and Hubert as they take us through their Mountain Bike Clinic hosted by the Semper Fi and Americas Fund sportsmanship program, Team Semper Fi. The Team partners with the National Ability Center to teach Service Members techniques in Mountain Biking on traditional and recumbent bikes.

Mountain biking is hard. There’s just no way around it. The roots, gravel and boulders make climbing steep hills nearly impossible sometimes. You wreck, and wreck, and wreck again – especially when you’re learning. It takes real strength to stand back up, dust yourself off, and get back on your bike. But imagine if you have balance issues, or you are missing a leg, or both legs. How much more challenging would mountain biking be then? And how rewarding it would be to finally sail through the single track bike trails of Park City, Utah focusing only on the trail ahead and wind in your face. Now, that sounds like something worth falling for.

To learn more about the Semper Fi and America’s Fund and how to sign up for an event, visit www. TheFund.org. This video was created by Tailor Made Media in West Chester, PA, and in Partnership with the Semper Fi and America’s Fund. Directed and Edited by Chris Cotter and filmed by Chris Cotter and Christopher Logan Harley. A Special Thanks to National Ability Center for co-hosting this event with Team Semper Fi.

The Penn Presbyterian award is an annual celebration of a deserving individual from the Presbyterian team who has demonstrated heroism. This video tells of John Pryor, an outstanding surgeon who lost his life treating wounded soldiers while in Iraq.

This video highlights the how the Chester County SPCA provides outstanding care and compassion for our furry friends, who would otherwise be in dire circumstances.

WaveRadio has a big sound for a small town. This is the debut music video from WaveRadio for a song called Out of Reach. Produced by Robot Mouse and Tailor Made Media.

This is the trailer for a documentary feature film produced by Tailor Made Media. Here is the film summary: Follow Chris Cotter, an American traveler, as he explores a common migration path through Ethiopia and into Israel, tracking the plight of Eritrean refugees. Chris and his crew visit several refugee camps, including the never-before-documented Afar region. The refugees tell stories of oppression, torture, and survival. Searching for solutions, Chris speaks to various NGOs and experts, including Assistant Secretary of State, Anne Richard. The outlook is bleak, but the spirit of the Eritrean refugees is hard to ignore.

YMIC Foundation, Inc. is a 501 (c) (3) Corporation founded in 2007 and designed to support and expose youth in STEM education. In 2014, YMIC Foundation, Inc., began doing business as (d.b.a) Young Men and Women In Charge (YMWIC) Foundation, Inc supporting young men and young women who are economically disadvantaged or underrepresented within the STEM fields.

Mission: To empower and prepare economically disadvantaged and historically underrepresented youth to excel and become leaders in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) careers through academic tutoring, mentoring and financial assistance programs accomplished by leveraging alliances with K-12 school districts, universities, corporations, and our committed partners.

Tailor Made Media works with all kinds of clients, including ones that are figments of their own imagination! See how they helped this business get off the ground.

As one of the original innovators in big data, IRI integrates the world’s largest set of otherwise disconnected purchase, media, social, causal and loyalty data to help CPG, retail, over-the-counter health care and media companies grow their businesses.

This music video features the song Future Back by Astronauts of Antiquity. Directed by Chris Cotter and Josh Coyne, this music video explores post apocalyptic dangers and a robot love that transcends time and space. We had fun shooting this with the Canon C300 mkII.

Making new students feel welcome when they arrive is important for any school, and a direct message video is a great way to begin that process. This video uses real Shipley students’ voices to welcome new members of their community.

The Shipley School is a visionary k-12 private school located in Bryn Mawr, PA. This video was made to inspire the Shipley community and others to be a part of its bright future.

An organization’s mission and values are the most important things to communicate accurately and effectively to a prospective student. In this video we hear from Shipley’s Head of School, Michael G. Turner, who offers his vision for the school.

On October 23rd, 2020, Shipley held its Annual Acorns to Oaks Ceremony.

Although things looked a little different this year, we are grateful to have gathered together in person, and, that our mighty oaks were able to welcome their little acorns into the Shipley community.

Sometimes a short and sweet glimpse of what your school has to offer is better than a longer form video, and often doesn’t require a big production. This short commercial spot was edited from a longer testimonial video with the same student.

A product video is an excellent way to entice potential clients to reach out for more information or purchase your product. Training videos are an invaluable asset to save time and money, and also a great way to increase your website traffic and SEO. You may also want to explore using animation to better illustrate how your product or service works.

Some events are just worth capturing. A special event video can show more than an entertaining recap of an occasion. It can also be used to illustrate important aspects of your company culture, products and value.

Downtown West Chester, PA is a community of people that are driving change through big ideas, #entrepreneurship and passion for their community. Fig West Chester and Tailor Made Media want to thank the following #changemakers for being a part of this video: Uptown Knauer Performing Arts Center, AlignSpace, Chester County Community Foundation, Carlino’s, Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant, Greater West Chester Chamber of Commerce, Oscar Lasko YMCA, The Master’s Baker, Mayor Dianne Herrin, YMWIC Foundation, Tailor Made Films, Key Financial, Inc.

Meet Sam Tickle, the director of The Semper Fi Fund’s healing through sport program “Team Semper Fi”. In this video Sam talks about how Team Semper Fi helps support our veterans and service members by offering programs to get outdoors with team members to participate in different sporting activities. Mountain Biking, Wake Surfing, and Fly Fishing are just a few amazing events that Team Semper Fi hosts throughout the year. The work that Sam and his team are doing truly saves lives. It was an honor to work on this exciting project with The Semper Fi Fund.

This video was created by Tailor Made Media in West Chester, PA, and in Partnership with the Semper Fi and America’s Fund.

Learn more about Team Semper Fi at www.TheFund.org

C.B. Community Schools is an organization that has set out to mitigate the educational crisis happening in Philadelphia to due young people in the foster care and juvenile justice systems being pushed to the margins of the educational systems because the system is not built to address their needs for healing and consistency.

This is Ashley’s experience before and after the C.B. Community Schools.

Their mission is to engage, educate, and ensure that vulnerable students, who are currently involved in or were formerly involved in the child welfare or juvenile justice system, learn, heal, and grow into caring, confident, competent citizens of the world.

Tyler was the first in his family to enlist into the military. He wanted to become a pilot, so he joined the US Air-force. Tyler’s time in the Air-force was cut short when he was dropped from a helicopter during a training exercise. Now, paralyzed from the waist down, Tyler faces the challenges of living his life from a wheelchair.

Natalie was injured in Iraq and now suffers from seizures, cognitive disorders, balance issues and severe PTSD. Her symptoms were sometimes just too much for her to bear, so she tried to take her own life – six times.

Tyler and Natalie have found a path to recovery at a small lake community near Atlanta, Georgia. They were part of a program supported by the Semper Fi and Americas Fund – Team Semper Fi. The Team partners with Wake for Warriors to teach Service Members techniques in wake surfing.

Wake surfing may sound like a bunch of fun-in the-sun for most of us, but for Natalie and Tyler this sport has changed their lives. Tyler is now a captain of his own boat and teaches people wake surfing every chance he can get. Natalie has found peace in the wake and is planning to buy a piece of lake- front property to enjoy the next chapter of her life.

The community here welcomes these service members with real southern flare. Daily barbecues, bonfires, and music by the lake isn’t just enjoyable, it helps facilitate the camaraderie that’s the most healing part of these trips.

It is easy to see how these programs and others like it help our veterans physical and emotional well- being. Watching Natalie and Tyler (and all the other Service Members) hang-ten behind a wake surf boat is one of the most impactful things to witness.

Tyler says, “You know, you can live your life from a chair and be happy”, something that most of us would find hard to believe, but as you watch this video you can feel that it’s true.

This short film was created in partnership by Tailor Made Media and the Semper Fi and America’s Fund.

Directed and Edited by Chris Cotter and filmed by Chris Cotter and Sean Grasso. Special thanks to Wake for Warriors for co-hosting this event with Team Semper Fi.

Celebrating 25 years of philanthropy, the Chester County Community Foundation brainstorm how to inspire, celebrate, and grow Chester County. The board members now reflect on how they achieved these goals over the years.


The final product turned out great. I highly recommend working with Tailor Made Media and I look forward to a partnership with them in the future.

Maggie MacIntosh, President, Maggie McIntosh Event Design

“I am still blown away by the quality of work your team produced. By far, this was the best value we have received in a long time.”

Patrick Comerford, President, West Chester Downtown Foundation

“Tailor Made Media created a video that make the people of West Chester excited and very proud! The final project is magical – it combines professional, personal and public realms in a way that is inspiring and full of fun!”

Harry Griendling, CEO, Doublestar, Inc.

“Tailor Made Media consistently brings solid ideas to the table and creates results that are effective and marketable. All of this is accomplished without straying from a tight timeline or budget.”

Carolyn Comitta, Mayor of West Chester, PA

“Tailor Made Media was professional, honest, easy to work with and attentive to details. The proof for us has been in the result. We look forward to working with them in the future.”

Jamie Kleman, Executive Director, A Bigger Boat Foundation

“We received nothing but positive comments about the slide/video presentation! The finished project worked beautifully.”

Len Doyle, President, Taylor's Music Store

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