Shipley: 125 Years of Changemakers

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In 1894, three sisters founded a college preparatory school dedicated to educational excellence for young women. From the beginning, their vision was clear. They would go beyond training students’ minds, developing their character as well.

They thoughtfully chose the phrase, Courage for the Deed; Grace for the Doing, a motto that would inspire students to take risks to think deeply of others, and to make a positive impact in the world around them.

Many things may have changed at The Shipley School throughout the last 125 years, but educational excellence, integrity, community, and caring for others have remained at the heart of what it means to be a Shipley student. Today and every day, we celebrate the power and the potential of a Shipley education to make a difference.

We celebrate the students, the teachers, and the alumni who have put their Shipley ideals to work to do exceptional things for the greater good.

We celebrate the Shipley sisters, who laid the roots of an institution that would cultivate 125 years of changemakers.

Together, we celebrate the next 125 years.