Private Schools and Colleges

Video marketing is one of the most effective methods an independent school can use to communicate with current and prospective students, families and sponsors. Below are several examples of how we helped the Shipley school utilize video in their digital marketing campaign:


Using video can be a powerful way to inspire an audience. This video was used to engage the Shipley community and its leaders in preparation for launching the next phase of Shipley’s Strategic Vision.


Having real students tell about their own experiences at a school is one of the best ways to illustrate the value of an institution. A prospective student or parent can get an honest insight about the culture of the school by hearing directly from the kids themselves. 

Mission Overview

An organization’s mission and values are the most important things to communicate accurately and effectively to a prospective student. There are lots of good choices available to students today, so it is critical for your school to differentiate itself from competing institutions. 

Program Highlight

A video highlighting a particular program or curriculum can inspire and inform interested students by offering them an exciting glimpse of what your school has to offer. What is the program like? How does it work? What are some examples of the activities involved? A well crafted video can answer these questions in a way that is compelling, motivating and illuminating.

Community Outreach

Your community is often the most important aspect of your school. The faculty, students and their families, alumni and your donors are what define your organization and it is important to strengthen the bonds between them. There are many ways to utilize video to do so, like in this example, where a school shared a video with their community as a way of expressing their gratitude.

Special Events

Some events are just worth capturing. A special event video can show more than an entertaining recap of an occasion. It can also be used to illustrate important aspects of your organization’s culture, community and spirit. What special events do you have coming up?

Our Process


This is the most important step of the production process.  It’s where we brainstorm, write the script, storyboard, schedule, and plan the rest of the production.  


The production stage covers all of the shooting. Since we worked hard to make a shooting plan in preproduction, we should be well prepared for capturing the footage we need.


This is the stage where all of the ideas come together to tell the story we planned to tell.  Plus, we dress things up with music, titling, coloring and motion graphics.

Building a Video Library

We make the most out of every opportunity for obtaining footage. Building a library of video content over time helps us create more dynamic videos for your organization while keeping your costs down.