Discovery Phase

This initial stage of the process is where we learn more about your school’s mission, culture, and general goals for video content, as well as provide more information and illustration of how our video production process works. The goal of this period is to be able to provide you with a clear proposal and estimate of production.

During this phase, we hope to establish with you an initial wish-list of video ideas that is prioritized in order of importance, and also get a sense of your budget so that we can start to define the scope of video content. We may want to visit your campus so that we can begin visualizing the video ideas we discuss.


This stage of production is where we begin laying out specific plans for videos. It may include writing a script and storyboard, crafting questions for interview subjects, prepping and pre-interviewing interview subjects, location scouting, and scheduling. Learn what to include in your Preproduction Checklist.


The production stage is a fancier word for “shooting.” Typically shoots are scheduled as a full-day event with multiple crew members, but this can vary depending on what are goals are. Read about the different production roles.



Editing, Coloring, & Graphics

We offer a full range of Post-Production services to help enhance your final video product. From rough cut to picture lock, our professional video editors, colorists, and graphics animators will help your video stand out to its fullest potential.

Read more about the Postproduction process.

Audio Mixing, Mastering, Foley & Sound Design

Many directors feel that good audio is even more important than your image. A great mix can add suspense and emotion into your film or video. On the contrary, videos with a bad soundbed rarely get watched all the way through. Be sure your film or video sounds the best by utilizing our mixing and mastering tools and engineers. You want it to sound as good as it looks.

In addition to audio mixing and mastering, we offer services to enhance your video with custom sound design and foley to really help bring it all to life.

Custom Music

Looking for custom original music to accompany your piece? Our Sister Company TribeSound Records can help create whatever sound you are searching for. We have worked with big brands like LEGO and Mattel, but you don’t need a big corporate budget to add custom music with our session musicians.

Here’s an oldie, but it still stands as one of our favorite projects because it was so fun to make!

Delivery & Video Library

We make the most out of every opportunity for obtaining footage. Building a library of video content over time helps us create more dynamic videos for your organization while keeping your costs down.


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