The Space

Our studio was built from the ground up between 2019 and 2020. The space is perfect for photography, video production, live streaming, music videos, audio and video podcasts, ADR, and more. Located in a quiet natural setting just outside Philadelphia, our 1000 square foot studio space can be outfitted and customized to almost any project.


Our built-in Lighting Grid gives you complete control over the studio environment in order to meet your photo and video production needs. And the curtain lining the space can be moved to be used as a backdrop or negative fill.


The studio building is completely soundproof and acoustically treated to ensure a distraction free environment for the best sound quality. The control room also comes equipped with Pro Tools HD audio suite for sound editing, folly, and mixing.


Interviews & Discussions

Looking for a space to film interviews or testimonials? Our studio offers a variety of set-up options and customizable lighting. We have had some pretty famous people here to be interviewed at our space, but none as notable as Santa Claus!

Virtual Programs

If you’re brave enough without a net, go live! The space has in essence been wired as a television studio and is ready to broadcast live to any web platform. Save editing time by filming live-to tape with our 4 camera switcher. Didn’t nail it the first try? You can always trim up your live production later and release a video since we record all camera angles during the live broadcast.

Audio & Video Podcasts

Since audio is a specialty of ours, there’s no better place to professionally record and edit Podcasts. Add video to your podcast to step up your production and draw more attention to your topics. Not only did we record the KACS Meet You There Podcast, we also helped them to find funding through local charity organizations.


Get the perfect shot! Utilize the studio space for Product and Portrait Photography. The flexible lighting and drapery makes studio shooting quick and easy. Also, we have a 6 acre private space with a pond for setting up outside for golden hour.

Product Videos

Feature your product in the best way possible with professional video production in a controlled lighting environment.

Voiceover & ADR

Avoid unnecessary background noise. The in-studio isolation booth is set up and ready to record professional voiceover narration or ADR. And if you don’t have the voice you are looking for, we can find a professional who can come in to voice your script.


The space is packed with ultra high end sound equipment, lights, and cameras. For a deep dive in gear visit our equipment list, but the thing that makes us stand out the most is our staff and local talent pool. From our professional interviewers, directors, producers and editors to session musicians we can staff projects of any size.

Contact us to get started; Our initial consultations are always free.



  • (3) Canon C70
  • Canon R5
  • (2) DJI Mac Pro 2 Drone


  • Canon EF 16-35mm f/2.8 III USM
  • Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8 USM L II
  • Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8 USM IS II
  • Sigma Art Lens 24-70
  • Canon 85mm f/1.8 (USM)
  • Set of Rokinon Prime Cinema Lenses


  • Schoeps CMC641 Super Cardioid Microphone
  • (2) Sennheiser MKH 416 Shotgun Mic with Boom
  • Sony Wireless system with Countryman b3, Sony, and Sanken COS-11D Mics
  • Sound Devices 744T Field Recorder
  • Sound Devices Mix Pre 10 Field Recorder/mixer


  • Apurture LS 600x bi color with modifiers
  • Keno Flow Celeb 250
  • Hive Hornet C200 with modifiers
  • (6) Astera Tube Titan
  • Intellytech light cloth. 2 x 2 and Pocket Cloth
  • Couple of small spot fresnel

Other Fun or Useful Stuff

  • Cinema Tripods with fluid heads
  • Edelkrone motion slider with pan tilt head
  • SM HD Monitors
  • Wireless HDMI Monitoring
  • Atomos Sumo or Shogun Directors Monitor
  • Eye Direct
  • Teleprompter (for pad)
  • All the usual cstands, duv, sound blankets, clamps, etc.