Video Production Team Roles

Creating great content requires a team of professionals to get the most out of your video production time. Even though each one of these positions needs to be filled, it’s common that crew members may have more than one role on smaller projects. For example, our director may also perform the responsibilities of producer. On larger projects it’s important to have specialists dedicated to their role to keep things running smoothly and to maximize the time and talent of the cast and crew. If you’re working with a video production company like Tailor Made Media they’ve already put in the work to curate their crew.

Here are the roles of a professional video production crew:

The producer is the first crew member that you’ll likely start working with. They act as a supervisor who understands the many moving parts of the video making process. They will help to navigate the financial, creative, and logistical aspects of the production.

The director is responsible for the vision and execution of the project. They usually focus on things like location scouting, casting, and working with the writer and technicians to keep everyone on track. They may also make adjustments to stay on time with the shooting schedule and keep the video production from going over budget. The director works closely with the Director of Photography to ensure a consistent creative vision while filming; they are also responsible for directing talent.

Director of Photography 
The Director of Photography (DP) can sometimes be referred to as a videographer or cinematographer. They are responsible for creating and maintaining the visual aspects of your production. During the production process, the DP may work with the director to set up shots and help manage the rest of the creative crew to ensure the images that are being captured are in line with the director and client’s vision.

Digital Imaging Technician 
The Digital Imaging Technician (DIT) handles the media storage and back up of all the multimedia files for the project, like sound and video files captured during the filming process. Sometimes the editor can serve as a DIT on smaller projects.

Audio Technician 
Some people say that audio is even more important than the image, so having a great audio technician is key to creating professional video content. This position is crucial for making engaging films and videos. Good sound has the ability to take us deeper into the story while bad sound can be distracting and even unbearable. The audio technician will be hanging mics, planting lavalier microphones, and monitoring recording levels.

Gaffer and Key Grip 
A gaffer is the head of the lighting crew. They work with the DP to create a mood and style. The gaffer will arrange the lighting to set the scene following the director’s vision.

The Key Grip and Gaffer work as a team to manage all the aspects of lighting and the electrical needs of the shoot.

Camera Operator
This one is as easy as it sounds…The camera operator assists the director of photography and will often set up and operate the camera. This role is also sometimes referred to as an assistant camera operator or AC.

Set/Hair/Makeup/Wardrobe Crew 
Depending on the project, you may not need a specific person to fill each of these roles, but it is important to designate someone to keep an eye out for wardrobe malfunctions, sweaty brows, set consistency, and unruly hair.

Production Assistant 
The production assistant helps to fill any gaps you may find while working on set. Their role could be as simple as going on a coffee run to assisting the director. They may seem unnecessary for projects on a shoestring budget, but having a production assistant on set is a valuable asset. They provide support to the rest of the crew members and allow them to focus on their positions.

Hiring a Video Production Team
As you can see there are many roles to fill when you embark on creating a video production or film. It’s helpful to work with an established production company like Tailor Made Media in order to hire the right crew.

Crew members of a production company that work together regularly, anticipate each other’s moves, and keep the production process running smoothly. The experience of a professional video production company is invaluable and at the end of the day your film or video project will benefit from their top notch team.